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What is Praktice Health?

App based 30 day health challenges that leverage the power of health tracking, social networking and gamification to optimize participation. It's the modern way to engage employees to improve their health.

  • 1 Built in partnership with industry experts.
  • 2 Administration and setup is a breeze (no extra equipment or physical space is needed).
  • 3 Individuals create new habits and teams gain cohesiveness in only one month.
Our Mission: Happier Teams & Healthier Individuals

How do I Manage a 30 Day Challenge?

Setup takes minutes and we provide email templates for all your communications.

Automatic gameplay real-time reports, weekly updates, push notifications and live support. (You can still take the credit)

Our gift to you receive a final report, survey results and top 100 “most liked” images in a nice bundle.

The End Game

  • 1 Connecting with others.
    They'll help each other, strengthening old connections and making new ones.
  • 2 Becoming healthier
    They’ll become happier, more energetic and stronger.
  • 3 Creating a culture of champions
    They'll have fun outperforming the competition!
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